Our Vision
Bringing people together one call at a time.
Our Mission
An immersive, responsive platform facilitating fast, diverse, rich connections free of prejudice and discrimination.
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Making social media feel real again.








Web Real Time Communication to enhance the process of getting on an instant one-on-one voice conversation with a match.


Therefore, the focus of hey! is not on creating profiles but on remaining anonymous to find a single match to instantly start talking to them.


hey! also utilizes the concepts of market testing and consumer research to ensure the user experience is favorably impactful.

Friendships through Voice Event!

Connect. Socialize. Create Friendships. Through Voice.

Have honest conversation without worrying about appearances.

Talk with like-minded individuals who are interested having genuine friendships.

Have Fun!

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The concept

Hey! is a first of its kind dating app. Users log into the app, and search for potential matches to voice chat with. There are no profiles, swipes, likes because we believe that those features suck. They’re not built with how people connect on a daily basis in mind. Healthy relationships form and grow from emotional connections and Hey! seeks to help people do just that.

We want to build a platform that caters to all genders, while keeping privacy and safety a priority for those who are looking to find “the one” or those who want to have casual conversations with no strings attached.

The Concept